How can I book an apartment?
In order to book an apartment, you have to select the city, the dates, the number of occupiers and then click on the Search button. The page shall give you the results of the available apartments. You can refine your search by incorporating filters in « Advanced Search ». Once you have selected the apartment :
1-If you see the « Book » button, then you can make the booking On line. First, you must complete the booking application, and then you will have two alternatives :
a.Pay through Pay Pal, using your credit card.
b.Consult other means of payment. If you do not want to or you cannot do it through Pay Pal, you can make a prebooking, and our staff will get in touch with you to offer you different alternatives.
2-If you see the « Inquiry » button, you will be able to make any inquiry about the property, which shall be answered by our staff of professionals as soon as possible, confirming availability and means of payment of the booking.
3- If you make a reservation for the next 72 hrs, you must send the payment application, and a member of our sales staff shall then get in touch with you to confirm availability and agree the means of payment of the booking.

How can I receive confirmation of the booking once payment has already been made ?
You shall receive said confirmation by e-mail, together with the exact address of the apartment and the particulars of the person you shall get in contact with to agree the handing in of the keys.

What expenses are included on the lease ?
. Cleaning up at the end of the contract.
• Electric and gas services charges, plus administrative charges of the apartment itself.
• Internet and cable.
• Linen sheets and towels
• Weekly housekeeping service, with change of sheets and towels.
Those apartments that do not include any of these services or have any restrictions whatsoever are expressly described on the page.

What is the warranty deposit or bail ?
It is the amount of money that you give to the landlord to be later reimbursed at the time of check out, provided the apartment is in good conditions, and without any breakages whatsoever. The money shall be reimbursed in the same way it has been paid.

At what time are check in and check out ?
Generally, check in is carried out between 1 PM and 10 PM, and check out between 8 AM and 12 AM. However, some landlords do admit exceptions. Once booking has been made, you can get in touch with the landlord and explain him your situation.

I have a doubt concerning payment of rent or deposit
When you make a reservation, you have not paid for the rent, just for the booking. The amount of reservation is included in the amount of the rent. Some landlords require payment before checking in. You can find all these items on the « Terms and Conditions » section or within the description of the flat itself. It is very important for you to respect this and get in touch with the landlord in case you have to pay in advance. Otherwise, your reservation could be cancelled.

What might happen if I do not like the apartment when I arrive ?
Yes-apartmenst.com takes responsibility for the information provided. If there is any false or mistaken information, we shall ourselves cancel the reservation and reimburse the amount paid by virtue of it. We shall not accept any other type of claim.

What does « My list » stand for ?
« My list” is the space where the apartments you select are kept. When you are interested in a property, you must click on the star and the apartment is selected. You can go to « My list » whenever you want, and see all the properties you have chosen. If you click on the star within « My List » you deselect the premises.

I am interested in exchanging links with Yes-apartments.com page
We currently evaluate exchanging of links in the homes of every city and our main home. Please, send us an e-mail to info@yes-apartments.com