If you work with tourists in need of accommodation, we invite you to be a "Partner" of Yes-apartments.com.

Partners normally are:
  • Real estate
  • Tourism companies
  • Tango, english or any educational institute
  • Foreign groups coordinators
  • Conventions and congresses companies

If you're interested please send a mail to info@Yes-apartments.com, asking to be a Partner
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Benefits of being a Partner
  • A partner cand send the Yes-apartments.com's published properties to his own customers using his own logo, address, telephone and email.
  • The page you send to your customer can be easily customized with your own colors and decide what information you want to send.
  • You will collect a comission from the properties that are actually rented. (Please ask for the percentages).

We invite you to expand your service offer and earn money working with Yes-apartments.com