Términos y condiciones


It is not necessary for you to work exclusively with our company; we consider exclusive rights as an obsolete term that does not match the times we live in; we are offering you service and contacts, which in the end are the most important assets for you.

You set the price for the property you would like to post. You must set daily, weekly, fortnight and monthly rates and the rest of the stays will be calculated based on them. You can try it with the price simulator and see how much you will get depending on the length of the stay you set.

Our commission will always be added to the price you set for your property There are no other hidden costs for the owner or the tenant.

You may choose minimum and maximum rental periods for your property. Whenever a client searches for a property, the system will not show your property if it is outside the range you have set.

We do not charge any other expenses to passengers, except for U$D 50 for check-in out of office hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., if for any reason it is necessary for us to be a part of the procedure.

1- In order to post your property in the Temporary Rental mode, the unit must be furnished and equipped with linen and kitchenware. It is important to have a TV set, controlled telephone, and Internet access.
2- The property must be perfectly clean at check-in.
3- Once we have cleared your property, you must keep your calendar updated at all times. If for whatever reason this is impossible, we kindly request you to tell us, and we will decide whether to post your property.
4- You also have to keep an update on your property, entering the modifications on the services provided or discontinued.
5- We request that your property provides cleaning service once a week, including change of linen. If for some reason this service cannot be provided, please let us know.
6- Cleaning upon termination of contract is always at the expense of the property owner.
7- It is necessary to have a person to deal with check-in and check out. We do not provide these administration services. Depending on the city where your property is located, we can recommend you a company or person to do so.

To post your property, please fill out the form. Once it is sent, we will contact you.
If our conditions do not suit your needs, please contact us at propiedades@yes-apartments.com, so we can check for a possibility of finding a way to work together.

The yes-apartments.com Team