About us
About us

Yes-apartments.com, is a Argentinean Company who knows the city in deep.
We began in Buenos Aires, but actually we offer properties in different cities and destinations Our special attention is on the specific needs of ours clients. We have a wide range of properties for you to choose from. We have more than which appear in the web page and new apartments coming available every day.

We also provide other services, like tourism orientations, investment for peoples and companies and property management. Feel free to contact us with any special requests you might have.

Daniel Forster had extensive experience as Project Leader and Consultant in communication, “Team Building” and business for Multinational Corporations and Governmental offices. During the past 10 years worked as consultant and Project Leader for different politicians for the City of Buenos Aires and the National Government.

• Medical Doctor & Psychiatrist specialized in communications and problem solving.
• Worked for 10 years as a Psychoanalyst.
• Developed and directed a company dedicated to medical technology (from 1990 until 2002).
• Started applying his knowledge of organizations founding a consulting company specialized in behavior and communication. Daniel Forster and Associates represents the LIFO TM method (Allan Katcher PhD, USA) in Argentina. http://www.bcon-lifo.com/contact/agency_list.htm - Argentina

Transcultural Project Leader & business consultant for forgein companies
Business consultant for New York University (NYU-Global) from March 2007 until January 2008. Served as project leader in the logistics of the opening of the Academic Center in Buenos Aires.
OTHERS clients: World Bank, World Health Organization, EUDEBA Editors, American Express, Citroen, Shell and Carrefour.Hobbies: Photography
Hobbies: Photography Prizes: Ranking National de Photography Artistic”, “National Arts Prize”, First & Second prize – “Brazilian Embassy”.